Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Quick Guide to Adding Star Power to your Charity Online Auctions

Beyond a doubt, having celebrities around can make or break an event. Their mere presence can generate interest and attention. Organizers of online auctions are well aware of this, and strive to include celebrity memorabilia in their lineup. Gail Cohen, a contributor for, writes about ways to request celebrities to donate money and/or items to charitable causes. Don't Get Confrontational Contacting a celebrity directly is not advisable since they are extremely busy and won't have time to read your request anyway. The people who do have time are usually their publicists and talent managers. These are the people the stars pay attention to, so it would be wise to get their attention first. Research the names of celebrity agents and managers. Write directly to the agents and managers of celebrities of interest to increase your chances of getting a response. Avoid taking the "direct approach."

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