Monday, July 28, 2014

Fundraising Through Online Charity Auctions: Just a Few Clicks Away

These days, a charity auction event isn't what is used to be thanks to the advent of technology. Back in the day, bidders had to be physically present in a prescribed venue at a prescribed time to bid and pay for the item. Charity auctions nowadays are done online, over long periods and with participating bidders from across the world. Entrepreneur Jon Carson discusses why online auctions work in an article for An online auction ... removes the barrier of geography. Donors can live far away and still participate. Second, it removes the barrier of time. Online auctions run 24/7 so if donors have a conflict or would rather just stay home the night of the event, they can still participate. Lastly, online auctions are highly measurable, producing valuable information about what item categories get bids, etc. That information provides a map for improving your next auction.

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